Das Beer II

We’ve hung up our bike shorts for the past fews days in exchange for two fists full of beer. Immediately after arriving In Chicago, we high-tailed it down to ol’ kentucky to Karp’s lake house (“I will name my first daughter ‘lakehouse’ in its honor” – Z. Humes) to spend a few days relaxing in the water, playing cards, and, oh yeah, consuming more alcohol than human beings were meant to. The occasion was Zach’s brother Jake’s 21st, and he will certainly never forget what little he remembers of it. Another BikeBums tip of the day: Avoid Bowling Green, KY at all costs, and most certainly the improper proprietors of the State Street Pub – they have no class. If, however, you do find yourself in that vincinity, make sure to check out the Tuesday night slave-kabobs. We eventually mopped up the television and returned to Chicago, only to resume drinking. Tonight, the karaoke bandit strikes again, and tomorrow Nick and I will resume our eastward crawl.

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