Smalltown nightlife

Went into bar/restaurant for some pie last night and ended up having 4 beers! Am feeling it now. Met a lot of really nice folks though – the bartender Ken (who runs both the bar and restaurant by himself) grew up near Clairion PA. Also met a guy running for state office who swore like a sailor! Good conversion about life in Montana, farming, politics.

The main drag in JoplinThe main drag in Joplin

2 thoughts on “Smalltown nightlife”

  1. awesome pictures ! Really enjoy seeing all the places you’ve been to. Glad to hear ypu and Megan had a great trip. Hope you find some good travel buddies. Stay safe. Love Mom

  2. greg!

    i mailed your box of goodies and bike shorts this morning. it should make it to Minot by Thursday.

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