Well, our bags are packed…

OK – it’s on. I just barely fit my bike into a box, but other than that, things seem to be going well. Big ups to my awesome roommates for the send-off smorgesbourg they prepared. We just shaved my head, so we must be ready now. We’ll try and update y’all once we make it to the other side.

Well, our ted-powered chariot awaits.

See ya!

6 thoughts on “Well, our bags are packed…”

  1. Cool guys.

    We are wishing you a most happy voyage. Europe is rich in history, as is the Bike Bums movement.

    Will be with you on the web–wish we could be there!

    Best of luck. Strongest possible legs to you.


  2. That Ted-Powered Chariot was actually Hamster Powered and very scary! If anyone cares, I got home in one piece.

    Megan, you got a letter saying urgent from Wa-Mu!

    Happy to report your vinegar hi-jinks has captured one. Only about 30 more to go before you top Jar of Death.

    Finally made the lemon cupcakes — I double checked that I shut off the oven.

    Just kidding about the urgent letter.

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