A dip in the creek. (7/3)

Near Chris and Theresa’s house. Nick, Rai Sue, and Jeff (yes, really. It’s really really hot.) (Out of chronological order, sorry.)

4 thoughts on “A dip in the creek. (7/3)”

  1. Hey Jeff and Crew…Jack doesnt think its you in the pic…an imposter? Jack says Happy Birthday???? Off to the Orleans 4th parade today..see ya!

  2. I agree with Todd…and Jeff in a shades and a sleeveless shirt??????????? What has become of him! (You look GREAT!!!!!)

  3. Todd……wait a minute! That’s my boy you’re talking about!
    Fourth of July parade was great even with the 1/2 hour delay because of ?????????????????? I heard someone got hurt. Huh????!!!!!
    Anyway, what did “The boy/Jeff do on the 4th?????

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