an update from megan

after getting a tip from another cyclist we rode over elk pass yesterday. we scoffed at the closed sign as we hopped the gate and spent the next 16 miles in car-free bliss. there’s no reason it should still be closed. we heard there was a mile of foot-deep snow, but it’s all melted now. we’re hiding out from the rain and waiting for waffles.

taking a nap on the yellow line

taking a nap on the yellow line

2 thoughts on “an update from megan”

  1. Hi guys,what’s your e.t.a. in Canada? I’ve been biking around BC this summer,3500km so far.Will be heading for the coast in early Aug. I’ve cycled the island and the Sunshine Coast if ya need some tips.

  2. Hi from Kristin’s Mom. Such an interesting and beautiful ride. Keep those saddles upright. Love Mom

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