Out of the frying pan, into the pine forest

Oof…yesterday was a tough one. We got on the road at around 5 am to beat the heat and watch the spectacular sunrise over the rock formations. The night before, it probably only got down to like 75 degrees. We had an awesome ride in the (relatively) cool morning air, a great second breakfast 15 miles in (they make a killer breakfast burrito in Cliff Dwellers, AZ), and discovered that the little tunnels under the road for washes make great spots to take a cool break. But we were pretty much climbing the whole day. The first 2000 feet were fine. The next thousand was didn’t seem bad because of the amazing views from the switchbacks. it was really the last two thousand ferry of climbing that did us in. that’s right, we went from 3100 feet to 7900 yesterday. It took us about 12 hours. Thankfully, the air got cooler as we climbed, transitioning from barren rock, to spotty cactus, to scrubs, to juniper pine, and ending in a ponderosa pine forest. Also thankfully, there is a resort lodge restaurant across the street from the campground. Overall, a beautiful day of riding, but pretty challenging.

Today, we head back down the hill and into Utah!

One thought on “Out of the frying pan, into the pine forest”

  1. Hello citizens.

    This is your President in Chief. You may know me. Lots of people do.

    I just want to drop a note on how proud I am of you young ones. Not many work up energy and effort to do what y’all are doing.

    Small adventures. Big Life.

    Keep on keeping on and watch out for the polygamists in Utah. On behalf of America and Americans everywhere…GOOD LUCK!

    -President Obama

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