From the Payette to the Salmon

Andrew and I had a great couple of days riding along the Payette River, stopping in hot springs along the way. We had to ascend up to 7200 feet, a tough, but beautiful, climb. The other side didn’t have much of a descent as we rode into the town of Stanley. This area is extremely crowded with tourists, but it’s easy to see why. Absolutely stunning views of glacier-covered peaks. It reminds of the Grand Tetons. All of the regular campsites were full, but we found a nice spot with a view. We then headed toward the lodge to do laundry while we waited for Alice and Marcel, where we were plied with scotch and soda while we waited for our clothes to dry. Alice and Marcel arrived from their sixty mile epic ride, and we retired to our campsite for beer, ice cream, and music making. A great day!

We’ll be going the Salmon River gradually downhill for the next several days – should make for some perfect bike riding!

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