On Tuesday, we woke up to a chilly morning, made breakfast, and rolled out. We had a short climb, and then a fun, long descent into Taos. We got a delicious second breakfast there – green chili huevos rancheros and blue corn pancakes – and then began a quest to find Andrew a new tent, as one of his poles broke the night before. We weren’t able to find a new tent, but managed to get the friendly folks at Ace hardware to trim of the broken bit of the tent pole so it is still usable. Remember, bikebums fans, Ace is the Place!

After a grocery run, we headed out of Taos on the Enchanted Circle scenic byway, a loop of highways around mount Wheeler, New Mexico’s highest peak. We rode through some gorgeous scenery as we climbed, got our first sprinkles of rain, and finally found a nice little forest road to camp off of at 9000 feet. Had a tasty meal of curry and birthday cake, and then bundled up for a chilly night’s sleep.