The heart of the Cascades

  • Monday, July 5th
    • Daredevil slack liners from Ohio, illicitly camped at the county park
    • Firework-borne brush fire in Lyle, “we think we know who it was”
    • Rogue county sheriff threatens to arrest public employees for violating his interpretation of the constitution
    • Traffic-free road along the Klickitat river, perfect for cycling
    • Silty swim in river – hat was lost
    • Glenwood: ample camping opportunities
      • Gladys’ park: all are welcome, except dogs
      • Bill the dog runs the town, to the chagrin of the elderly wizard hound
      • Zach met ranchers: they were slightly aghast at his short shorts, but he learned that ranching is about horses
  • Tuesday, July 6th
    • We’ve made it to the huckleberry belt: huckleberry-buckwheat pancakes in trout lake
    • Amazing views of Mount hood to the left, adams to the rightLong, slow climb up mount Adams
    • Hot hot hot, but plenty of streams/waterfalls to dunk/soak/drink
    • Takhlakh lake: perfect for swimming/camping, but mosquitos run the joint
    • Bosnians will foist their trout upon you, despite your protestations
    • Tortellini dinner for days
  • Wednesday, July 7th
    • More gravel than expected, but downhill was still glorious
    • Chicken-wire water cage experienced critical structural compromise, after 10 mile stress test. Industrial engineer Liu has rectified the design flaw
    • Record-breaking pace in tailwind up the cowlitz valley
    • Early end at Packwood rv park: there’s only one employee, others are charlatans
    • Growlers from brewery across street + pizza + musical jam = bike touring nirvana

Posted from Packwood, Washington, 98361, US.

Over the river and through the mountains

Woke up in the RV park with fresh laundry and clean bodies. We started the day at the coffee shop/bakery. Today we committed to spending our flex day exploring the Mount Rainier National Forest.

A quick 12 mile ride got us to the Ohanapecosh campground. We spent the day hiking amongst old growth cedars, crystal-blue streams, and baby skunks. We would discover later in the afternoon that our campsite was nestled amongst an enormous group of nosey church-goers on an annual summer retreat. One particular octagenarian would not leave us alone. Cue Cat Stevens. We ended the day with a frosty dip in the river, a gourmet dinner of cheesey broccoli rice, and some tunes next to the campfire before retiring to a delightfully chilly evening.

Posted from Packwood, Washington, 98361, US.