Island life

  • Rode to Anacortes over awesome bike bridge and through boat graveyard
  • Jim got new tent stakes at Ace – it truly is The Place
  • Second breakfast and future lunch at delicious deli
  • Ferry time!
    • Sundeck and galley were closed due to cobid
    • Saw an otter 🦦
  • Orcas island!
    • Disembarked ferry to be met with Uff-Da Hill.
    • Maps to star’s homes are available
    • Orcas island didn’t live up to reputation of being tranquil and serene – overrun by rich boomers, much traffic. Also, dang those hills were steep
    • Tailwind for first half of ride, headwind for second
    • Stopped in Eastport (hey look, a generic touristy Irish-themed pub) . Entertainment was provided by a ill-fated sailboat being buffeted against shoreline in heavy winds – sheriff got involved
    • Arrived at Moran state park – hike/bike site was available, but they make you work for it. Only beautiful people get convenient access to pristine lake/showers/bathrooms.

Posted from Eastsound, Washington, 98245, US.