And then there were five

  • Started day with fresh lemon water and coffee provided by our gracious hosts
  • Said goodbyes and headed into town to meet our newly arrived comrades
  • Quick breakfast at bakery, then onto another rail trail
  • Rolled 5 deep for a few miles until we had to say goodbye to Alice. Many tears were shed
  • Jim got first flat of tour within first 10 miles
  • Lunch in Duvall twee-town, then back onto roads after our long streak of trails
  • WA country roads are pleasant, but some drivers are great big babies – witnessed at least 2 impatience-driven near-collisions
  • Snohomish! Hey look a pub! The beer prices were time-shifted from the early 90s, and the help-yourself popcorn reminded us of pre-covid times
  • Got on the centennial rail trail – 30+ miles of butter-smooth pavement
  • Camping options once again limited – met various characters at pavilion while considering options
  • Found cozy little creekside hide-away just of trail – perfect for camping as long as you avoid the human waste

Posted from Snohomish, Washington, 98290, US.

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