Great balls of fire

  • Blew through 25 miles, downhill with tailwind, averaging 17.5mph along American river of WA
  • Rode through fruit orchards: apples, pears, cherries, grapes, etc
  • Deliciously second breakfast in trump cafe
  • Broastingly warm in Yakima; dealt with heat in traditional bums way, going to movie theater to see stripper movie
  • Many beers at brewery, then stumbled into grocery store
  • Ice cream cones beneath mushroom clouds of nearby wildfire
  • White knuckle ride through Yakima canyon routing closed freeway traffic: semis, boat trailers, rvs, etc
  • Campsite entertainment provided by helicopters filling water buckets from river
  • Band practice ended early by mosquitoes

Posted from Yakima, Washington, 98901, US.

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