Chris and Theresa’s house (7/3)

After a relaxing evening hanging out with Greg’s cousin’s generous family (and sleeping in The Hilton of Tents!) we were ready to go… but it still took us forever to get out of Chico. I got a mysterious flat tire later (the 3rd of the trip for our group), and then managed to crash for no good reason, so we didn’t really get going until about 5:30pm. We only rode about 35 miles that day. (Out of chronological order, sorry.)

Goats! (7/4)

This video didn’t come out so well, but Nick, Rai Sue, Megan, and Greg can vouch that there were a LOT of goats. Well over 100, all saying “baaahh” (Out of chronological order, sorry.)

Lassen Peak, flat area. (7/5)

Ok, this is my last post. Sorry for the surge of photos of myself– I got pretty excited about making it to the top. Thanks to Nick, Rai Sue, and Megan for your support and inspiration, and especially to Greg: you made it all happen, from encouragement and advice to repairs and loaning almost all my gear (Trigger the bike, the helmet, the gloves, the jerseys, etc., etc.) Y’all made my first-ever bike tour unforgettable. Megan and Greg, have a great ride to St. Paul! 🙂