Update: Shifter fixed. On through Oregon!

This from Greg via Skye BdM:

We just heard from greg and megan from Burns Oregon on sunday
afternoon. After waiting a day in Lakeview, they got the
replacement shifter we expressed out to them at the post office
(FedEx wanted $800 to deliver it, the PO did it for $21!). Judging
by the time they signed for the package, they must have nearly
ambushed the postal truck. The new shifter worked fine, and Megan
is back up to a full number of gears. They said the ride to Burns
from the Oregon border was OK, except that it was a hundred-something
miles with no shade. They may do some full-moon riding in the
future. Everyone they’ve met is has been very nice.

WINDY dude!

Kinda hard day fighting headwinds. Stawberry and artichoke fields, pretty seaside views. Said goodbye to Manjula, Max, Brooke. Many bikers here at campside. Some very chatty dudes around while we cook dinner…. A hard day tourin still beats an easy day workin’.

A man on a bike approaches with a ‘Suggestion. A Trip Changer’…

In the sparsely populated hills east of carmel valley, a random cyclist tells us of a special gourmet dinner, only on mondays, at “the last real roadhouse” where “farmworkers rub elbows with billionaires.” not quite, but surreal for sure. Great food, in any case. I had “Rabbit 5 Ways”. We camped in their parking lot, too tired to climb the 5-mile hill that dropped us off there.