Here we go again!

Well, another year, another bike trip, another late night packing… I waited way too long to set up the bike blog. But I wouldn’t be a geek if I hadn’t spent an hour and a half making it so updates from my phone would use the GPS to tag the post with my location and update the map 🙂 Also, due to my fancy new phone, may soon be featuring video posts! I promise I’ll upload a video of me riding along the rim of the Grand Canyon to make y’all jealous!

I was supposed to meet up with Sarah Norr and company at Manjula’s in the city, but I spent too much time poking around. So, I’ll catch the first Bart tomorrow…wish us luck as we try to navigate through Bay to Breakers!

Tatonka is ready to go!


Posted from Oakland, California, United States.

We are  awesome! We successfully navigated bay to breakers, with only one near fatality. we had beautiful weather down the coast. We survived the solar apocalypse. We’re now at pigeon point lighthouse, having ended the day with a delicious max-made curry, pie, and a hot tub!

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