Hott (with two T’s)

Well, it seems to have warmed up a bit. We’re now at about the lowest elevation of the trip, about 3200 feet, and it has gotten pretty warm, I think pushing 100 degrees. No worries though, we beat the heat by getting up at 6 am and finishing our 60 mile day by around 3 pm. we’ve been rolling through jaw-droppingly beautiful desert landscape – giant cliffs, boulders, mesas in every hue of red, orange, yellow, brown…the photos will not do it justice. The campground we’re at now, lee’s ferry, is especially amazing – a postcard  everywhere you turn. The road into here looks like you’ve been transplanted to mars. Tomorrow we’re getting up at 4 am to hit the road before sunrise.
Rai Sue’s street score tally:
– Someone’s glasses (quickly returned to their grateful owners)
– A fancy sun hat
– A bicycle computer (quickly returned to a very grateful Greg)
– a pair of sunglasses

One thought on “Hott (with two T’s)”

  1. Hello. It is I. Mike Tyson. You may know me. Lot’s of people do.

    I was wondering if you could help a fella out. I’ve seem to have misplaced my tiger.

    Or as I call him, “Le Tigre”. I kick it 80’s style. I’m cool like that.

    Anyways, if you Bike Bums come upon a lost tiger in your travels, I would appreciate it if you let me know. I’ll send out Don King to pick the big meow meow up.

    Yours truly,


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