A quick update

Hey folks.. Still here… Still ridin’. Yesterday was beautiful, but hard. Lots of ups and downs and pretty hot. If you ever get a chance to ride between hood river and the Dalles, do it. It’s spectacular. Ended the day with a tough ride against a brutal crosswind.
Today was hot. Like upper nineties hot. (actually, the thermometer on my cycle computer said it was 113 at one point, but I don’t believe that.) I ended up skipping back over the Columbia into Oregon (I camped at a really nice state park in Washington outside the Dalles last night) because it’s over a hundred miles between services on the Washington side. Instead, I opted to ride along I-84, where it’s only like 30 miles between services. It wasn’t too bad… I’ve learned to adjust my headphones to work as earplugs to deaden the noise of semis.
A highlight of today is that I found someone’s cell phone on the side of the road. I’ll have to wait until I can charge it to see if I can get it back to them. On the first day, I found the contentious someone’s wallet… Everything from ids to coffee club cards to some sort of military org chart and their Geneva convention ID (they were in the military). I was actually able to contact then and they got it all back. It’s actually like the third or fourth find I’ve found someone’s wallet stuff, without the wallet, on the side of the road, but the first time I’ve been able to contact the person.
OK… Sleep time. Enjoy these pics.

Snack time!
One of the best bike paths
Quit it with the amazing views already!

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