Dos Bums

Long time no post. No fear – the bums roll on. Here’s a really quick update on the last week. I had a great ride through Montana. I even met up with my housemate Annessa’s parents – who are awesome – at the yak ranch that she grew up on in lovely Ronan. A quick ride up along flathead lake and I was in whitefish, where I picked up a rental car and picked megan up from the airport pretty much in schedule. We headed to glacier, did some hiking, and then grabbed max from his midnight arrival, and took him and his bike back to our campsite in glacier. We spent the next few days hiking and checking out the park. We saw a grizzly bear (from afar), more moose, mountain goats, bighorn sheep, a marmot, and a thousand hungry ground squirrels. We did an amazing hike up to a glacier – gotta see them before they’re gone – and max and I had a lovely dip in the lake at its base. Then megan took off on the train, and max and I returned the car and began our trek towards Spokane. It’s been a couple of days of beautiful riding, quirky towns, friendly people, and great conversation. The only real complaint I could have is that we had a nasty headwind all day today, but you can’t win them all. Tomorrow should find us back in Idaho after we ascend tompson pass, we many people have told us should be a great ride.

2 thoughts on “Dos Bums”

  1. “and picked megan up from the airport pretty much in schedule”. LOL! just kidding, i forgive you.
    and hey, don’t forget the 3-person jump we did off the dock all together at the lower lake! (i just had to go on record that i went in the water and wasn’t a total wuss).

  2. Hey, are yall going through Portland OR? My super awesome sister is there and you could probably crash or hang out with her. She used to hop trains so is down with hosting rad folks who have been on the road for a while 🙂

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