Another day, another country

Hey folks! Bonjour de France! We had another great day of riding along the river, almost entirely on smooth bike paths on levees. Some things I’ve learned:

  • All the little bakeries in Germany will make you a tasty cheese and tomato sandwich on a buttered roll for about €2.
  • German campgrounds have the nicest bathrooms and showers
  • Cheese is super cheap here – I bought a tray of cheese cubes for €1.20 and probably ate too many while riding
  • Apfelschorle (apple juice and sparkling water) is a great idea
  • The border between France and Germany is basically invisible – there wasn’t even a sign for us to take pictures under

Tomorrow we’ll be riding along the French side of the Rhine before popping back into Germany at Strasbourg.

There was a castle about every three miles in the middle Rhine valley
Stream running though one of the many cute medieval walled cities
View down the Rhine from a castle tower
Ferry across the Rhine

One thought on “Another day, another country”

  1. Looks like ferry traveling is fairly calm, and apple juice and sparkling water must be refreshing. The pics give a real sense of the super surroundings. So cool!

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