The road provides

  • More smooth riding along trail
  • Second breakfast at Cle Ellum bakery: mix of delicious authentic baked goods and generic branded kitsch
  • More tressles, tunnels, streams on trail
  • 2 mile long tunnel at Snoqualmie pass – pitch black jam session in middle of tunnel
  • 20 mile descent off pass with amazing views
  • Tacos in twin peaks town (north bend)
  • Coordinating lodging with Nick and Jim as they completed 12 hour drive from Oakland
  • Searched for nearby camping, but we were on the populated side of the Cascades now – scoped a nice, sketchy spot next to river for plan B
  • Hey look a brewery!
  • Asked around at brewery for camping options. Just when all hope was lost, Alice rolled a natty on her charisma check, and we were invited to sleep in the backyard of John, Helen, and summit the dog
  • Bought beer for our hosts only to find that they had bought beer for us – recipe for a great, late night of drinking, conversation, and caterwauling
  • Zach vs his tent yielded minor contusions to face. Both contestants survived for future rematch
  • Nick and Jim were relegated to seedy downtown motel

Posted from North Bend, Washington, 98045, US.