Land ho!

  • Rolled out of campsite
  • Waited too long in boogie bakery line, only for Zach’s dream of savory scone being gobbled up by the person in front of us – Jim waited patiently
  • Took slight detour to avoid main road traffic. Also, return trip was easier
  • Had to wait 1.5 hours for return ferry to mainland. Entertainment was provided man with acute seasickness which required EMT intervention
  • Boarding of ferry involved rare trans-deck bike ride
  • Ferry trip featured ad-hoc D&D session ending in cliffhanger – Jim waited patiently
  • Deception pass bridge crossing was less spectacular due to narrow sidewalk + heavy traffic
  • Arrived at deception pass state park – once again, hike/bike sites were inconveniently placed on a single-track trail 1/2 mile from bathroom
  • Debated pros/cons of four six-minute showers vs one 24-minute group shower
  • Entertainment was provided by fully-armed navy jets buzzing the campground
  • Nick assisted lost child – another theme that would continue in Washington state parks

Posted from Oak Harbor, Washington, 98277, US.