The heart of the Cascades

  • Monday, July 5th
    • Daredevil slack liners from Ohio, illicitly camped at the county park
    • Firework-borne brush fire in Lyle, “we think we know who it was”
    • Rogue county sheriff threatens to arrest public employees for violating his interpretation of the constitution
    • Traffic-free road along the Klickitat river, perfect for cycling
    • Silty swim in river – hat was lost
    • Glenwood: ample camping opportunities
      • Gladys’ park: all are welcome, except dogs
      • Bill the dog runs the town, to the chagrin of the elderly wizard hound
      • Zach met ranchers: they were slightly aghast at his short shorts, but he learned that ranching is about horses
  • Tuesday, July 6th
    • We’ve made it to the huckleberry belt: huckleberry-buckwheat pancakes in trout lake
    • Amazing views of Mount hood to the left, adams to the rightLong, slow climb up mount Adams
    • Hot hot hot, but plenty of streams/waterfalls to dunk/soak/drink
    • Takhlakh lake: perfect for swimming/camping, but mosquitos run the joint
    • Bosnians will foist their trout upon you, despite your protestations
    • Tortellini dinner for days
  • Wednesday, July 7th
    • More gravel than expected, but downhill was still glorious
    • Chicken-wire water cage experienced critical structural compromise, after 10 mile stress test. Industrial engineer Liu has rectified the design flaw
    • Record-breaking pace in tailwind up the cowlitz valley
    • Early end at Packwood rv park: there’s only one employee, others are charlatans
    • Growlers from brewery across street + pizza + musical jam = bike touring nirvana

Posted from Packwood, Washington, 98361, US.

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