A Motto: Two legs bad. Two wheels good.

The bike bums celebrate their 3000th mile

Gregory and Mike met in college. Greg was not wearing pants at the time. They were friends, then roommates, then arch nemeses. During that time, they both spent a great deal of time perfecting the arts of procrastination and creative escapism at the cost of their school work, personal relationships, physical and mental health. One Sunday nite they left at 11pm to drive five and a half hours to Mike's family's summer home in Michigan, where Mike had left his $15 wrist watch. Both missed the first day of final examinations the following Monday.

They had spent several years with 2000 miles between them when Gregory called and convinced Mike it would be a good idea to quit his day job, leave his friends, family and cotton clothing to ride their bicycles across the country. While this is not the first journey they will have undertaken together, it is certainly the most ambitious. Is it possible for two dedicated, lifelong slackers to convert a sincere escapist tendency into a drive capable of carrying them from the Pacific Northwest to tranquil Mogadore Ohio (Greg's hometown) and beyond?

If the answer to this question piques your interest, or if you know Greg and/or Mike and are eager to see which emerges unscathed (but bloody-handed) east of the Rockies, they've created this website for you to keep track.

*  *  *

It may be pertinent to note that Greg has managed to convince his computer to accept phone calls from his cell phone. This means we'll be able to keep you posted nearly everday as to where we are, how many miles we've travelled, and whether we've experienced any major catastrophes. Beyond that, you'll have to wait for us to roll into a town with a public library— Gregory tells me the phone and computer still have little patience for one another, and lengthier transmissions are limited.