Bouncing about

In order to maximize our time trekking through the alps (and maybe because we just cant deal with easy riding), we hopped a train from linz to salzburg. The european train system makes it very easy to make last minute travel plans.

The danube trail was great – it seemed like there was a castle or monastary peeking out at us around every bend in the river. Linz was a bit of a letdown – it seemed like a great city, but we had much difficulty locating the famous linzer torte ted told us about.

We have many tales to tell, but they’ll likely have to wait until we make it back to the states before they make it up here – we’re having too much fun to sit in front of a computer! (we’re only here now because we’re waiting for laundry to dry.)

We made it home

So…our plane crashed somewhere really far off course on this weird island in the middle of the ocean. We had to fight off the island’s mystical powers with nothing but a bike tool and a patch kit. Then we got rescued only to find out that 90 days in island time was about 18 hours of real time…

We made it back to Oakland only yo discover that out cell phone posts haven’t been working. Our phone said gesenden, but I guess it wasn’t really. We’re planning to write up the rest of the trip and post it soon, but in the mean time, we’ve posted our pictures in the gallery. Enjoy!