About 2018

This years route is pretty simple – through a series of planes, trains, stopovers, and connections, Erin and Greg will eventually find themselves in the city of Koblenz, Germany, nestled upon the River Rhine. From there, we will travel upstream, passing a variety of castles upon hills, quaint villages, beer gardens, cathedrals, bike paths, swimming holes, monasteries – you name it! We’ll take a slight detour to explore the Black Forest, then re-join the Rhine as it meets Lake Constance. We’ll keep following the river into the majestic Swiss Alps – all the way to its source on Oberalppass. After what should be a difficult, but gorgeous climb, we’ll rush down into the beautiful Urseren valley, heading east until we meet our next Alpine pass, Furka. We’ll surely have our climbing legs by then – over the Furka, and onward to the source of the Rhône river. In the same we followed the Rhine upstream, we’ll follow the Rhône (or Rotten in Swiss-German) all the way to Geneva, at which we (being amongst Francophones by then) will bid it Au Revoir as we make our way into France, ending our ride in the city of Grenoble. We’ll TGV to Paris, and then back to our regular, non-bike-bum, lives.