About 2022

Make Lakes Great Again!

  • Meet up in Minneapolis and start riding north to Lake Superior (almost all bike path!)
  • Hang a right and ride the south shore of Superior into Michigan’s
    Upper Peninsula.
  • Ferry out to Mackinac Island and check out the car-free paradise
  • Ferry back onto the mitten, and south along the east shore of Lake
  • Eventually, we break east and head across Michigan and into Ohio
  • Pick up the south shore of Lake Erie and follow it to Cleveland
  • Zach and I will head south from there to our respective homesteads
    in the suburbs of Akron – you’re welcome to join!
What will we find along the way?
  • Definitely many tree-lined bike paths.
  • Absolutely ample opportunity for taking dips in 4 of the 5 Great Lakes.
  • Undoubtedly small-town bars and funky villages.
  • Almost certainly a ton of mosquitos!
  • Who knows what else?!