About 2006

It’s that time of year again…
It’s time for mild-mannered slackers to don their lycra-enhanced superhero outfits, straddle their gear-laden, two-wheeled steeds, and embark on transcontinental tomfoolery. It’s time for BikeBums!

This year’s cycling adventure involves a large cast of characters strewn across this US of A. Our journey begins with Megan and Greg traveling to Seattle, WA with a craiglist tag-a-long nestled amongst the panniers and sleeping bags. From Seattle, they will embark eastward through Washington, Idaho, and Montana, until they reach Glacier National Park. After a quick bout of sightseeing via rental car, Megan will return to her real-world job. Greg, however, will continue solo across the wide plains of Montana, North Dakota, and Minnesota. Somewhere along that line, he will encounter Nick, temporarily freed from the burdens of bookstore ownership. Upon reaching Minneapolis, the two will become three, as they rescue Zach from the secret underground lair in which he has been riding out the long, north country winter. It is our sincere hope that as our triumvirate of cyclists approaches Chicago, we will reach a sort of deadbeat critical mass, a powerful gravity of slackery whose pull no true bum could resist. It is in that state that we plan to attract Mike Bush – one of the original Bike Bums – as a gopher would be attracted to a sack of radishes. At that point, there is no predicting what might transpire, or where the cavalcade of cyclists may end up. The only certainty is that Greg plans to aim his bike in the direction of Mogadore, Ohio, with the intention of attending his ten year high-school reunion, and impressing his 42 former classmates with a 3,200 mile long biker tan.

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