About 2009

Dear Reader,

You may be thinking to yourself: “what could possibly be next for these steel-steed mounted travelers?” and “is there anywhere they haven’t ridden?”

And the answer is: we have not ridden to the top of the highest paved road in America.

It would not be true bikebums style just to draw a straight line across this country, and ride towards one destination. We are drawn by the spin of the earth and the call of the moon to ride in a meandering circle around this country.

Portland Seattle Vancouver Kamloops Chilliwack Jasper Banff Glacier Missoula Yellowstone Grand Tetons Vernal Dinosaur Rocky Mountain Boulder Denver

We’re hitting all the parks we can find, plus the most bike-friendly cities out there.
Ideally, our every wildest hope and dream will come true: a non-aggressive moose around every bend, and small towns with coolers full of Big Boppers.

We’ll probably stop along the way to take a couple pictures, make a couple blog posts. So stay tuned, and next time, get off the internet and join us on the open road!

the bikebums! (Greg, Nick, Tasha, and Megan)

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