About 2010

Does a bikebum need an introduction? I’m gonna leave this sparse in hopes of updating it soon:

The Route

I’ll be making a beeline from Mogadore (home of the wildcats) to Burlington, Vermont to collect Megan and Sarah. Highlights will include Lake Erie, the Erie Canal, the Adirondacks, and Marni Shindleman’s wünderdog Barkley. From there we head to Quebec, to celebrate all that is Canadien while sampling Le Route Verte. We’ll surely gorge ourselves with poutine as well as pie, and might even sneak in some seafood here and there. After following the St. Laurence through Montréal and Quebec City to the Atlantic, we’ll round the corner through the maritime villages of the Gaspé Peninsula. Darting through New Brunswick, we’ll pop back across the border into the state of Maine (if they’ll have us). There I will ask for directions from everyone I meet until someone tells me ‘you can’t get there from here.’ Then I’ll trace along the Atlantic coast via the East Coast Greenway, grabbing Nick and Issac somewheres along the way. Once we arrive in the nation’s capital, I’ll enjoy a brief career on the Hill as a lobbyist, doing my best to ensure the free speech rights guaranteed to corporations via the 14th amendment are well-utilized. Then, back to bummery as I retrace BikeBums ’06 along the C&O and Alleghany trails back to the teddy-bear-sweatshirt embrace of Ohio.

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