About 2012

We’ll be rolling 5 deep down the Pacific Coast, cruising through the Big Sur area that we missed last year due to landslides. Once we get to Santa Barbara, Greg will catch a train to Flagstaff, AZ where he’ll meet up with the incomparable Rai Sue Sussman, Esq. Together they’ll tackle the Grand Canyon, Zion, Cedar Breaks, Bryce Canyon, Grand Escalante, Capitol Reef, and all the Navajo tacos they can stuff in their bellies. Rai Sue departs from Cortez, Colorado. Fret not, for at the precise moment Rai Sue boards her plane, we’ll be calling up famed closer N.D. Raymond from the bullpen – fear the un-beard! Nick and Greg will continue to tick off National Parks, including Mesa Verde and Gunnison, in their quest for the best Ranch-Dressing Pizza in the west. After crossing the Continental Divide twice, they’ll coast through Aspen and down to Glenwood Springs to catch Amtrak back in time for the Marini-Green nuptuals.

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