About 2007

Well, it was only a matter of time. Sure enough, the wanderlust of the BikeBums can no longer be contained by a single continent. Of course, original bums Mike and Erica have already escaped the bounds of North America, and, as far as anyone can tell, are still bouncing about like pinballs in South America. But we – Megan and Greg – have decided to pack up the bikes, hop the pond, and tackle Central Europe by two wheels. Joining us on this journey will be inaugural bum Tasha, a New Jerseyan currently living in Prague.

This adventure is heavy on dreams and light in planning. The only certainties at this point are that we are flying in and out of Munich, we will be meeting Tasha in Prague, and we will be having as much fun as possible. Beyond that, we’re leaving most everything else up in the air. Here’s a few ideas we have in our head:

  • Sampling each Czech villages’ local brews, and comparing it to the previous ones.
  • Attempting to buy groceries in a language we haven’t the faintest understanding of
  • Dancing to a brass band
  • Gorging ourselves on Linzertort
  • Riding through rolling green hills populated by cows with bells on them
  • Struggling up a switchbacked road through the alps, then hanging on for dear life on the descent

We do have a route in mind, but it’s very likely that it will change. We think it’ll look something like this: Munich to Prague via Train. A week in Prague taking it all in. Ride from Prague to Vienna with Tasha along the Czech Greenways. Ride from Vienna to Passau along the Danube via the Donag Radweg, then Passau to Krimml via the Tauern Radweg, spending some time in Salzburg. Jaunt our way through the Alps and down into the Inn Valley and on to Innsbruck. Then over the mountains once more via the Achensee, heading north into Germany and back into Munich. See the map page for more details.

As usual, we’ll be doing our best to keep this site up to date with stories and photos of our adventures. Skye is lending us a European cell phone, so hopefully our text message updates will find their way across the Atlantic and into your eyeballs. So, stay tuned, and Ride On!

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