T minus 7 hours

Well, all our stuff is packed up (hopefully). We pick up the rental car to head to Portland tomorrow morning. Unfortunately, i’ve still got some work to finish up. As i’ve been telling everyone, if I can make it out the door, everything will be fine.

Will it all fit?

Will it all fit?

in the future we’ll be free to pee in our pants, ride our bikes, and dance.

We made it to Portland! Greg used all of his driving muscles, and in a marathon of vehicle power, we made it up here yesterday.

We’re already taking a day off to spend time with our friends in PDX. Portland is full of delicious vegan rueben sandwiches and I’m really looking forward to voodoo donuts. Ashlee has been showing us around town, and took us to the Multanomah County Bike Faire. We spent the afternoon watching a man in clown face in a chicken suit ride a recumbent, tall bike jousting, and a rowdy game of footdown that a 10 year old girl won.

Tomorrow we’ll hit the open road and cross our fingers that we’ll have a tail wind all the way to Hood River.

One day dow

We started off today with some delicious voodoo donuts. Ashlee escorted us out of town into the beautiful Columbia river gorge. Perfect weather. Ran into Hans and “the warriors” recumbant cyclists, who we may see again in BC. Nick pulled an I-beam out of his tire, but the schwalbes were unphased. Ended the day perfectly with pizza

Made it out of seattle

had a lovely time in seattle on our day off. we ate ice cream one with honey lavendar the other with ground up coffee. Andrea kindly let us turn her place into a bike hostel for a couple days. She’s joining us for the next little bit. Riding on bike paths all day is much better than gravel roads.

lunch by the river

lunch by the river