One day dow

We started off today with some delicious voodoo donuts. Ashlee escorted us out of town into the beautiful Columbia river gorge. Perfect weather. Ran into Hans and “the warriors” recumbant cyclists, who we may see again in BC. Nick pulled an I-beam out of his tire, but the schwalbes were unphased. Ended the day perfectly with pizza

3 thoughts on “One day dow”

  1. I saw a link to your website on Marcus’s facebook status update. My status update is that i’m freakin’ jealous of your badass trip! I hope y’all have a blast!

    Much love from MN…

  2. Is Bike Buns a reflection on the Anatomy, or the name of a musical group, or ….?

    I’m in Creston BC July 18th & 25th, bikin in that area in between. Then driving to Glacier, Missoula, Tetons, etc.

    If you’re in the area, let me know – Ill buy you a beer . . .

    “Warrior” Hans

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