Rolling four deep!

hey everybody! Just a quick update to let y’all know that things are still going smoothly as we trek our way Westward to Vancouver! We met up with sasha in Kamloops with no problems, though we barely made it over the wall they’ve set up apparently to discourage bicyclists from leaving their town. Here’s a few highlights. We got caught in a hail storm at the top of a mountain pass, sufficiently strong enough to make us abandon our bikes and run into the trees. As we continued riding, cold and soaking wet, we were invited into the home of the very generous Monashee Bill, who let us warm up by his fire as we looked out over the beautiful waterfall he built his around. Last night we stayed at a gorgeous provincial park that featured beautiful grassy tent sites, a natural swimming pool off the river, and train tracks on both sides of the campsite! Pretty awesome to swim in the river as trains rumble above you.

We did it!

Geez – I sure did get lazy about posting towards the end there. Well, blame Canada I guess. Anyway, we all made it back to Oakland safe and sound. The ride over the coast range and into Vancouver was astounding. I successfully navigated myself and all four bicycles back to Oakland via Amtrak with minimal headaches, and had a great time hanging out with my friends Ashlee, Jeremy, and Beryl in Portland on the way back. Overall, this was a great trip! I’m still surprised we handled all the meetup logistics as well as we did. Go Team Bums! Final mileage tally for this ride is 1,795 miles! Whee! I’ve uploaded all my pics to the Photo Gallery, so check ’em out!