An update from greg

woah – no update for a while. Here’s the quick rundown of what we’ve been up to. We took a day and a half off to take a ferry up lake chelan to the town of stehekin. The only way to get there is by ferry or seaplane (unless you hike down off the pacific crest trail). It was gorgeous – I’ve now swam in the three deepest lakes in north america on this trip! I finally retired the tires I got in princeton nj last year – 3500 miles with no flats, but the rubber was peeling off the casing. Heading over the washington pass we ran into a set of 30 cyclists doing a cross country fundraiser ride – now we’re back in the flats and should be in canada tonight!

One thought on “An update from greg”

  1. hey! you silly americans! any plans to return to, you know, oakland anytime soon? let a bum know.

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