We made it across the border with very few questions. Canadians normally seem very concerned the we are going to expatriate, but not this time.

Everyone we’ve met has been very intent on making sure we enjoy canada. We have gotten lots of good tips on camping plus good route advice. We even had a mishap with our ferry tickets that bc ferries fixed by giving us vouchers.

The highlight so far was going to skookumchuk and checking out the tidal pools where we saw purple sea stars. The only thing better was seeing a pod of killer whales from the ferry yesterday.

Should be back in the states in the next few days. Assuming the country is still there.

One thought on “canada!”

  1. What a cool site!

    From looking at the routes the Bike Bums(tm) have used, a terrible void is apparent: THE SOUTHERN ROUTE!

    Sure, it will be hot and there will be rattle snakes and Texans to deal with, but it MUST be done.

    For Bike Bums need to keep on bumming!

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