An update from megan

This didn’t in through yesterday, so I’ll re send. Well, It’s the end of the line for my front shifter. It’s decimated. I guess that’s what 4000 miles does to soras. But, in a stroke of genius, we realized that friends in oak land can rip that part off greg’s old bike and overnight it to us. So, thank you us postal service. And for that matter, marcus and skye. Thank you! The folks in canby took pity on us and are putting us up in the only hotel in town for 20 bucks! And don’t worry, It’s a super nice place. For getting stuck some where, canby is lovely. There are eagles and It’ll be a pretty flat ride into lakeview tomorrow. Good thing we don’t have a schedule! Bike bums ride on! After going to the post office, anyhow.