A Bum hangs up her cycling shoes

Well, we made it to our destination just outside of Glacier National Park right on schedule (thanks to a little pacing help from our friend Mike from NJ). Megan’s bike is all boxed up, a car has been rented, and now we’re scanning local campgrounds for showers and laundry facilities with an eye toward becoming normal human beings again (at least for a few days). The trip for the past couple of days has been really great – we’ve had great company riding with Mike – he’s a recent Princeton high grad, doing the whole Northern Tier Route (Washington coast to Maine coast) solo – aiming to average 85 miles per day! He’ll be in Maine by the time I make it to Ohio! The weather has cooled down a bit, we’ve been dodging thunderstorms and rain, but haven’t really had any bad encounters so far. But the scenery has been absolutley amazing – we’ve been surrounded by mountains for at least the last week, riding along lakes and rivers the whole time. We’re attempting to upload more pictures now – hopefully they’ll all make it. Anyway, we’re pretty excited to stop being bike tourists and becoming regular tourists for a bit, and checking out Glacier – here’s hoping we see a grizzly (from a distance)!

And now, a word from Megan:well, now that I’m finally in shape, it’s time to turn around and go home. Back to the real world for me! I’m looking forward to showers every day and a real bed to sleep in. It’s been a really good trip, tho. We’ve been really lucky to have the chance to do things like this. Also, I’m still looking for a ride from Oakland airport on Monday at around 4 pm. I’ll be carrying a boxed bike, so if anyone can help me out, please let me know!!! Or directions for biking from the airport would be good, too. Thanks for all the comments!

3 thoughts on “A Bum hangs up her cycling shoes”

  1. Nice job you two! It’s a little sad that it’s all over for Megan, but sounds like the trip was teriffic. Wish I could be there in Oakland to pick you up…maybe a taxi/van will have to do. Take care. Greg, good luck on the rest of your journey.

  2. Gregory, Your 10 year class reunion is scheduled for Saturday, September 16th. You should be in Mogadore by then. We really enjoy reading your progress articles.

  3. nice work, dudes. whilst you were biking through the american alps, the rainbow coalition staged a poorly attended protest in front of the arco station at telegraph & alcatraz.


    “lowah gas prices”



    it was as surreal as it was pathetic. if only these bums would pick up their bikes and ride.

    a couple of items, should you read this in the next day or so:

    megan – i’m trapped at work all day tomorrow (mon.), but there’s a remote chance i could pick you up during my lunch break. call me tonight if nothing else has materialized.

    g. macgregor – spoke with humes the other night, and he’s totally pumped. he wants, however, to be in cleveland by august 12th, which might push our timetable in some uncomfortable direction. more as it develops.

    still grooming my steed, hoping to have him all set by next weekend. enjoy the mountains, you crazy fuckers.

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