Rough ridin’

Yesterday we climbed another 4000ft pass. Unfortunately, our screaming 20 mile descent was interrupted by construction.Our brake-clenching steep ride through loose gravel got worse when a rock in megans chain broke her bike.Then i got our 1st flat!We got into town just in time to watch the mill burn.We’re waiting for the bike shop to open

going gets tough, tough eat pastrygoing gets tough, tough eat pastry

2 thoughts on “Rough ridin’”

  1. Hi Megan,
    Hope the bike repairs are going smoothly.
    I am back from a great vacation, feeling a little deprived by the lack of World Cup enthusiasm here compared with England! Work is busy, Sabrina went on a leave of absence starting today, so I am swamped. Can’t wait for you to be back to help, but I guess you have a few more miles to go. I love the website, and will keep checking in.

  2. Hi Megan and Fellow-Bum,

    Speaking of “bum”…what a supreme bummer about broken bikes, flats, and burning mills. I hope it all worked out. (The pastries looked good!!) Fellow G&Lers have asked how you are doing and are in awe of you and your trip…especially the hilly parts. Keep the faith…and an extra chain.

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