Vicarious Update

Hey y’all,

I just wanted to make a quick post since it’s been a little while since Greg has posted. I spoke with him very briefly just now, and he said he made it to Minnesota! I didn’t quite catch the town name, but he’s about 130 miles from Minneapolis, which means about a day and a half of riding. He also said it’s very very hot!

 I’m sure he’ll have a more extensive update soon.

Keep on biking, Greg and Nick!

2 thoughts on “Vicarious Update”

  1. Megan, Thanks for the update. His mother and I were wondering how he was doing. Its very, very hot here in Mogadore also.

  2. Lord Jesus, I hope you’re not riding around in heat like NYC. I can hardly go up stairs. Keep on truckin’ fellas, I’ve got you in my thoughts! Stay hydrated!

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