50% of the posts below made me nervous

I couldnt see megan’s but I think that it’s a picture of a cupcake which I find soothing and comforting like a birthday party in grade school. The one where Greg admits the lack of planning…well…I guess it’s going to be an adventure of the truest kind.

At the moment Im moving forward from all the nervous energy. As I am not pro and a first timer. My training has involved a lot of trying to find the best bike paths in prague. It hasnt been easy but Ive almost got it down.

2 thoughts on “50% of the posts below made me nervous”

  1. Don’t worry – Tasha. I was mostly referring to routes, where we’re going to stay, etc. We can figure out a lot of that while we’re in Prague (I put off buying maps until we get there, cuz they’ll be cheaper and easier to find). Plus, I’ve learned that you tend to have more fun if you don’t overplan things. I tend to be a bit of a control freak when it comes to this stuff, but i’ve realized that if you have every step of the way preconceived, you don’t leave any room for serendipity. If you know exactly where you’re going to sleep every night, you’ll never end up being invited to stay in the home of an ultra-marathon runner, or get into a pool contest with a cowboy. We’ll be fine – and we’re gonna have so much fun!

  2. I know…I consider myself very lucky to be in the company of such pros…

    see you in few hours!

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