Hangin’ out in the Roc!

Greetings from Rochester, New York, where I’m hanging out with the ever-awesome Marni Shindleman. She’s rescued me from the crappy weather we’ve been having – clean laundry, comfy bed, and soooo much ice cream!

Tuesday may have been the worst night camping in my life. I wish I had taken a picture of me crouching in my boxers trying to bail out water from the pond that had formed under my tent. Sure, maybe I should have looked for high ground when setting up, but I was too busy trying to get some shelter from the floodlights – plus, about 75% of the ‘tent’ area was under water in the morning. Finding a true campground is becoming rare – outside of state parks, most everything else is an rv park.

The past few days have been pretty cold and wet, but not unbearable, although I did get hailed on twice yesterday. The scenery has been great and people have been pretty cool. The route that I randomly picked has worked out really well – not too much traffic, and the shoulders have been really good. Yesterday, I did a 103 mile haul to get into rochester, on top of spending time getting new tires and a new thermarest. I hope I get another 10 years out of this thermarest like I did the last.

From here I’ll be taking the Erie canal path to Albany, where apparently I can camp anywhere I want along the path – pretty sweet. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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