Roc City!

I’ve been taking it easy hanging out with Marni and Barkley in Rochester. Since I got here Saturday afternoon, we’ve:

  • Had delicious ice cream and even better chocolate milk from Pittman Dairy
  • Eaten vegetarian BBQ
  • Made an awesome breakfast with all local foods, including eggs from her neighbor’s chickens
  • Swam in Lake Ontario
  • Visited Rochester’s answer to Jungle Jim’s
  • Eaten frozen custard at Don’s Original – “Where Quality Predominates”
  • Watched the entire first season of Weeds
  • Lost two pairs of socks – and found them again

Not bad. Marni definitely know how to show a good time. Alas, I can’t live on Shindleman Cruises forever, so I’ll be taking off this afternoon back on the road.

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