Grand Canyon!

The Grand Canyon is awesome!!! We camped last night at bedrock city, a Flintstones-themed campground that at first seemed really run down and creepy, but we quickly realized it was run down and awesome! A left over relic from a different era of American tourism that seems to be still hanging on. We woke at 6:30 and had a huge breakfast at Fred (Flintstone)’s cafe for about $13 total. We made it into the park by noon, dodging RVs, helicopters, and elk carcasses along the way.
Luckily, we had the foresight to reserve a campsite, since the campground was full by 11 am. We turned our site into an impromptu hiker/biker site by inviting two groups of Francophile bike tourists to share with us. We spent the rest of the day making root beer floats, bumming in the visitor center, and catching the shuttle out to “the abyss” to have a car free sunset ride along the canyon rim. Btw, the shuttle back from the sunset viewing is similar to catching the 1 California at 7:30 in terms of crowdedness.
Tomorrow, I think we’ll give the Kaibab trail a try. One day down and no one fell in!

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