Hot hot heat

  • Woke up to early morning Jim/peacocks on Saturday morning
  • Headed towards Davis on a lovely road made filthy by weekend warrior cyclists
  • Got waylaid in Davis as Jim was on a quest for new panniers to replace the ones that had been destroyed by the sun.
  • Davis remains both hot and kinda weird. We observed Xenials from afar… First use of ‘TBH’ in the wild
  • The causeway between Davis and Sacramento pretty much sucks. I’m glad it exists, but riding 4 feet from oncoming I-80 traffic is not pleasant
  • Possible slogans for West Sacramento include:
    • A fate worse than death
    • could be worse
    • At least it’s flat
    • Wet sac o’ cement: West Sacramento
  • We pulled into Sacramento in the early afternoon, into the welcoming embrace of the Snavely/Greenbergs. After some lovely pool time, we decided to end the day early and stay there. The heat had nothing to do with this decision
  • The evening entertainment was provided by young Edie , who performed the best tooth-brushing dance I’ve ever seen – followed by a flossing encore!
  • We got on the road even earlier today in an attempt to beat the heat. Lovely early morning ride through the tree-lined streets of Sacramento and up the glorious American river bike path
  • We had a brief jaunt through the burbs and then quickly found ourselves into the rolling golden foothills of the Sierra. Very lovely riding, although a truck did try to introduce us to its RV trailer in a non-consensual way
  • Once again the heat fizzled our stamina early (though 55 miles by 3pm ain’t too bad. Nick rolled high on a charisma check to get us a deal at the wine-tourist hotel, which is where we are living it up right now. And, conveniently, there’s a brewery just down the street!
  • Tomorrow we start our ascent of the Sierra in earnest, but the good news is that the forecast calls for much more humane temperatures. See ya on the other side!

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