Grand Escalante


  • Another breakfast buffet at the Bryce canyon lodge, then back on the road!
  • Did a short hike to mossy cave – the cave was meh, but there was a gorgeous waterfall
  • Beautiful riding through small towns, then lunch on a river
  • Had a good 12% grade to climb – slow and steady!
  • Amazing looong descent into Escalante.. Saw a bear!
  • Had dinner and camped at the bicycle touring Shangri-La, Escalante Outfitters: great food, draft beer, a gear shop, and (cheap) camping with showers and laundry! This place is amazing!
  • Good conversation and music by the fire with some fellow travelers
  • Attempts to repair my brand new air mattress have only made it worse… Did not sleep well


  • Great breakfast at Magnolia’s – their carmelitas are delicious!
  • Headed out of town, but progress was delayed when Anton got a flat that resulted in five repair attempts using three tubes… Frustrating, but always a part of the journey
  • Bombed down a gorgeous set of switchbacks into the Escalante River canyon. Took a dip in the river and then began another series of 10+% grade climbs
  • Andrew broke a spoke – I road-trued it the best I could
  • Arrived in Boulder, and decided to once again skip the Burr Trail (a cool back road through a slot canyon) because we were getting tight on time.
  • Camped next to a creek outside of town – more delicious camp curry for dinner with fresh turnips
  • Finally fixed my air mattress – so good to get a full night’s sleep!