The journey of 2000 miles begins with a bagel

  • Woke up early to deliver bagels to Nick to coax him into riding with me
  • After loading us up with cake and cherries, The McRays gave us a great sendoff replete with a shofar blast
  • We met Jim up on the Greenway.. To no one’s surprise, he had been patiently waiting for 1.5 hours
  • Had a pretty chill ride out of the bay area, over the carquinez bridge. Well, chill except it was actually hot
  • Straddled the border of Vacaville sprawl, betwixt the burbs and the bluffs
  • Drank a gallon of ice tea in Cordelia – it was not enough. I knew this was going to be a hot bike tour, and it really wasted no time getting toasty
  • Once we were free of Fairfield, it was a nice rolling ride through the countryside to arrive at our camp on putah creek
  • But wait! There’s a brewery just down the road. Beers were drank, fries were eaten…a great end to the first day of the tour