Middlegate Station!

  • Woke up early and chowed down on some yogurt and granola. Unfortunately, my attempt to repair my sleeping pad made it worse! Didn’t sleep great because I was on the ground every 45 minutes
  • Had a pretty easy ride into Fallon, where we chowed down at a brewpub
  • Loaded up on groceries as this is the last town of more than 1k people for 250 miles
  • Stopped to see some cool petroglyphs from 7000 years ago while fighter jets performed high-speed maneuvers above our heads
  • Had a looong ride to reach middlegate station – but the views have been amazing!
  • We got drizzled on a bit, which was refreshing. So far the temperatures have been pretty great.. Highs in the upper 70s to low 80s
  • Middlegate station is amazing! An old pony express stop way out in the middle of nowhere, it’s now a bar/restaurant/store/motel/campground. The food is amazing, and the folks here are super friendly
  • A local said that this is the greenest she’s seen the desert in 10 years – my reason for doing this route this year is panning out!
  • We met a west-bounder today riding from salt lake city to sf. Recon is that our road is about to get a much better shoulder.. It hasn’t been bad though, there’s only like 1 car every 5-10 minutes
  • Today we are climbing into some mountains over Carroll summit

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