• Managed to find laundry and breakfast within walking distance of hotel
  • Parted ways with Jim and Nick after breakfast – a fine pair of bums if ever there was
  • Andrew and I headed around the south end of Lake Tahoe and up to spooner summit. It was a combination of quiet, wooded bike path and busy highway, but the scenery was outstanding the whole way
  • After the summit we had a fast, long 9 mile descent down to the Carson valley…wheee!
  • Stocked up in Carson City and rolled through town
  • Downtown Carson City was pretty nice looking, but heading east out of town on 50 was about 7 miles of sprawling strip mall with a ridiculous amount of traffic
  • The traffic slowly dissipated as we headed further east on 50 – so begins our adventure in the loneliest highway. The stark desert scenery and long sightlines were beautiful
  • Just as we approached our camping spot – a campground on a silty reservoir on the Carson River – we had a bike bums first: a dust storm! It wasn’t too bad though
  • We made gourmet (beyond) burgers with mushroom, onion, and cheese on ciabatta rolls for dinner, and now are tucked away for the night. Tomorrow after we pass through Fallon will be our first long stretch without services.

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